Is There a Mouse in the House?

"Give the people everything you can give them. Keep it friendly...make it a real fun place to be."

                                                                                                  - Walt Disney 

At the Center for Smile Enhancement, we understand that patients have choices when it comes to choosing a dental office for themselves and for their families. We also recognize that our "front line" is not only our bottom line, but our "headline" and everything in between! Therefore, each and every staff member strives to provide the best, most individualized patient care and service possible. 

In 2001, Dr. Sudit graduated from the Disney Institute. Understanding that a trip to the dental office was not exactly like a trip to the Magic Kingdom, his mission was to make a dental visit, a very close second. Dr. Sudit and his staff spent the next year training, evaluating, developing and internalizing many of the same service principles employed by the Walt Disney Company. At the end of that year, Dr. Sudit took his entire "cast of characters" to Walt Disney World to experience the "magic" for themselves. Recognizing that exceptional patient service is an ongoing challenge to improve, Dr. Sudit and his staff meet monthly to improve and continually strive to provide the best patient experience possible. 

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