Post Treatment Care and Instructions

While dental procedures vary, much of the post operative care is quite similar. The goal is to prevent or minimize discomfort and swelling and to prevent the possibility of infection. The following is a partial list of instructions that can be referred to after your dental treatment. For your convenience, downloadable versions have been provided. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call our office (day or night).

  1.  After an extraction.

  2.  After a crown(s) or bridge(s) have been placed. (click here)

  3.  After a denture or partial denture has been placed.

  4.  After your cleaning and check-up.(click here

  5.  After a routine filling. (click here)

  6.  After veneers have been placed. (click here)

  7.  After Invisalign has been placed.

  8.  After a root canal. (click here)

  9.  After a scaling and root planing appointment.

10.  After BOTOX Cosmetic placement. (click here)

11.  After dermal filler treatment. (click here)

12.  Tips for bruising management (click here)

13.  After teeth whitening.

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