Teeth Whitening (In-office: ZOOM!, BriteSmile, Take home trays)

Teeth whitening which is often referred to as "bleaching", has been around for many years. It is safe and very effective. What has changed over the years, is the availability, the materials, and the delivery methods. Because of the number of options that are now available, it is important to understand the differences so that you are able to ask the appropriate questions and be able to select the best material and the best method for your particular situation. The first and most important concept to understand, is that whitening will not change the underlying or natural color of your teeth. Much like placing bleach in with your white laundry, whitening materials will remove stain from the outside surfaces of the teeth but will not change their fundamental or inherant color. Further, and for a number of reasons, some teeth will experience a better result than others. Brown and grey colored teeth will not experience the same results as teeth that are mildly yellow. Similarly, very dark teeth will not experience the same results as lighter teeth. Whitening will always provide a certain degree of success however, your expectations should be in line with the capability of the material and delivery system selected. The following will aid in gaining a better understanding of what is available.



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