Terri, LDA

Terri graduated from Lakeland Medical and Dental Academy in 2000. Terri joined the team in 2004. Terri states that working with Dr. Sudit has been “one of my best dental assisting experiences.” Terri especially values the special care that she and her colleagues provide for their patients. She finds being part of the team, rewarding, enjoyable and challenging. At the end of each day, Terri feels she has done her best to serve her patients and that brings a smile to her face and theirs. Terri enjoys time with her husband Jeremy, her son Liam, family, friends and her two pals: Lola and Fonzie (the pugs). 

Terri serves as the “calming force” within the office. Never ruffled and always smiling (much like a homecoming queen). Shhhhh, she was a homecoming queen!

To contact Terri call the office at (952) 593-9310 or email terri@drsudit.com.

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